Systematic plant identification systems are used for an comprehensible, explicit and uniform identification of technical systems. They support the planning and construction of systems as well as their unobstructed and safe operation. Operating, maintenance and servicing costs can be reduced with such systems, operating errors can be avoided and occupational safety is supported. With the systematically structured abbreviations and taxonomy of a plant identification system, plant parts, components, aggregates, structures, signals in the control and information technology, etc. are uniquely identified - e.g. on site with readable or digitally processable labels and electronically in the control system of a plant.

For energy plants, the “Power Plant Identification System – KKS” and the “Reference Designation System RDS-PP®” are among the world leaders ( With today about 50 years of experience and applications for virtually all important types of energy plants, wind power plants, photovoltaic installations, power-2-X plants, hydropower plants and all technologies of thermal power plants, the technical association vgbe energy e.V. and its related committees with representatives of plant operators, manufacturers and service providers support the industry.

Siemens Energy and vgbe energy e.V. have now agreed to further develop the two proven labelling systems KKS and RDS-PP® in closer cooperation. The cooperation will also be extended to include standardised plant documentation based on the vgbe standards and recommendations*. This plant documentation is based, among other things, on the plant identification and is an important interface between manufacturers and operators of energy plants.