The Port of Hirtshals is perhaps the first port in the world to require that the electricity generated by its wind turbines be used to produce the green fuels of the future.

Investors now have the opportunity to build wind turbines at Port of Hirtshals in the northern part of Denmark and at the same time become part of an ambitious collaboration that includes the production of climate-friendly fuels for shipping, power-to-x and the storage and transport of CO2 to empty oil fields in the North Sea.

Port of Hirtshals has an ambition to become Europe's greenest port and is now taking another step towards achieving its goal by entering a dialogue-based tender with investors for the rights to construct up to nine large wind turbines at the port. The port is targeting an investor who will not only build the wind turbines and sell the electricity from 2027 but who will also be part of the co-operation that Port of Hirtshals has established with several Danish and international companies.

Port of Hirtshals is therefore conducting a market dialogue with potential investors to give them an insight into the exciting opportunities that the project in Hirtshals offers. One of the concession conditions will be that the green energy produced is used to strengthen the green transition at Port of Hirtshals. Later, the establishment of wind turbines will be put out to EU tender.

"We are not aware of any previous examples where expectations are placed on external investors in this way. Our priority is to co-operate with an investor or consortium that wants to take an active part in the green transition process. This is an expression of the fact that we place great emphasis on co-operation between the various players at the port because it is important when creating a new business adventure,"

says CEO Per Holm Nørgaard from Port of Hirtshals.


Optimal conditions for wind turbines

The new wind turbines, which will be between 150 and 200 metres high, depending on the number of turbines, will be crucial for the business development at the port, as large amounts of green electricity will be needed to realise the port's plans. According to calculations, the new wind turbines can produce a total of 135-174 megawatt hours per year. The wind turbines will have one of Denmark's best land-based locations due to the strong winds in the area, which results in an expected low production price per kilowatt hour. In addition, there are already four 4.2 MW wind turbines on the port's land, which were established in 2019 as the first commercial wind turbines in Denmark.

"There is no doubt that Hirtshals is an attractive area for wind turbines. Hirtshals is one of the windiest places in Denmark, and we expect great interest from investors,"

says Per Holm Nørgaard.

The energy from both the existing and future wind turbines will be used for power-to-x purposes, underlining Port of Hirtshals' ambition to create new green energy solutions and strengthen the development of a circular economy. The terms of the concession will thus also open the door to new sustainable industries.


Many green activities at the port

Port of Hirtshals has already taken several initiatives to make the port a focal point for, among other things, the production of future fuels for shipping. The port is also part of the Greenport Scandinavia consortium in partnership with INEOS Energy, Wintershall DEA, Aalborg Portland, Evida, Biocarb Solution, and Greenport North to store and ship CO2 to empty oil fields in the North Sea. These are just some of the initiatives that will put the port at the forefront of Europe when it comes to the green transition.

"We see very good opportunities for establishing production of, for example, methanol and hydrogen at the port, and we are currently working on the planning of a major port expansion, which will include the establishment of a new large commercial area with space for even more companies working with the green solutions of the future",

says Per Holm Nørgaard.

Source: Port of Hirtshals


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