After Germany’s KfW Development Bank provided a EUR 2.4 million grant to North Macedonia to produce feasibility and environmental impact studies for green energy systems, Elektrani na Severna Makedonija (ESM) issued a prequalification call for consultants for two solar power projects and one future wind farm.

The government-controlled electricity producer said it intends to build solar power plants of 60 MW and 100 MW in Bitola in the country’s southwest and that the assignment is for the production of feasibility studies.

According to earlier announcements, ESM will add solar thermal facilities for heating in Bitola

ESM is working on the replacement of its 650 MW coal power plant and mines there with gas and renewable energy sources, with an ambition to stop using the fossil fuel by 2027 at the latest. According to earlier announcements, the company will add solar thermal facilities for heating in the area.

Contract for solar projects in Bitola to last up to 15 months

The consultant will purchase and install solar measuring equipment and operate and maintain it for six to 12 months to enable verification of the prefeasibility study. After KfW’s approval, ESM will continue with the monitoring, the documentation reveals.

The selected company will be tasked with a full solar resource analysis and energy yield assessment, together with a technology review, cost assessment, environmental and social impact assessment and other tasks, the utility said. It added it would award the contract by the end of September and that the entire assignment would last 12 to 15 months.

ESM: Deadline for Miravci is July 28

The deadline for the expression of interest for Bitola is July 26. Consulting firms with experience in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia, Kosovo*, Croatia, Slovenia, Ukraine, Georgia and Armenia are preferred, according to ESM.

The Miravci wind project is planned to be doubled in size after the first phase is completed

As for the consultant sought for the 50 MW Miravci wind power project in Gevgelija, the list of countries is the same except that it excludes Slovenia, while the deadline is July 28. Chief Executive Officer ESM Vasko Kova?evski said last year that another 50 MW would be added when the facility near the border with Greece is installed.
Feasibility study includes bird, bat monitoring

The envisaged annual output for the first phase is 150 GWh. The project is on government-owned land on the southern part of the Demir kapija gorge at an altitude of 390 to 700 meters. There are several preliminary studies and design documents available from earlier project stages.

The consulting firm will purchase and install measuring masts of at least 120 meters and operate and maintain them for at least one year. ESM will take over after that. The selected company will conduct a full environmental and social impact assessment, monitor bird and bat migrations and other tasks, according to the terms of the assignment.

ESM said it plans to award the contract in the first quarter of next year while that the overall period is estimated at 18 months.

Companies can apply through the GTAI (Germany Trade & Invest) and TED (Tenders Electronic Daily) platforms.